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Short-staffed on diesel technicians or looking for job assignment?

Freedom Fleet Service can help.


The significant disparity between the supply and demand for skilled technicians in the diesel industry has resulted in a severe shortage of available hands. However, Freedom Fleet Service is poised to provide a solution to this pressing issue through our Embedded Technician Program. Should you need additional technicians in your shop, skilled in routine preventive maintenance and diagnostic services for Class 6, 7, and 8 fleet vehicles, we are fully prepared to pinpoint the best candidates for you. At Freedom Fleet Service, we assure you that these technicians are equipped with the necessary expertise and qualifications tailored to the precise equipment utilized by our clients. 

Short or Long Term Assignments

Whether it is short-term or long-term, Freedom Fleet Service can move techs around to various locations to keep them as part of our cycle. Our embedded technicians go through multiple screening levels before hiring to ensure that they are a quality fit for whatever our customers need. 

Technicians Matched to Your Needs

Through our Embedded Technician Program, we carefully select top-tier A and B level technicians from across the United States. These technicians are then dispatched directly to our customers' shops, where they deliver the essential support and repairs required to ensure peak performance of their equipment. Our technicians arrive with a minimum of five years of heavy-duty diesel experience. Each of our embedded technicians also arrives equipped with their own tools and extensive knowledge. Our objective is to elevate our customers' shops to optimal functionality, ensuring their fleet is maintained to the highest standards, and to provide support to their employees amidst the ongoing tech shortage. 

Whether it's short-term or long-term, Freedom Fleet Service can reassign technicians to different locations to maintain continuity within our cycle. Our embedded technicians undergo rigorous screening processes prior to hiring to ensure they are an excellent fit for our customers' requirements. Typically, we operate our embedded technicians on a customized rotating schedule for long-term assignments. Additionally, we have designated 'vacation' technicians who step in to cover scheduled vacations taken by our regular technicians, or to help cover our customer’s employee time off. These vacation technicians possess equivalent experience to our embedded technicians but offer greater flexibility for swift deployment to various locations. 

Whatever your mechanical needs are, our Embedded Technicians Program is here to provide a solution.

Interested in learning more about how we can help your company?

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